Prof. Gal Chechik

Head of Research Lab

2003 PhD Hebrew University
2003-2006 Post-Doctoral researcher Stanford
2007 Senior Research Scientist, Google Research 
2010 Assistant Prof. Bar-Ilan University
2013 Assoc. Prof. Bar-Ilan University
2018 Director of AI Research NVIDIA


We study learning in brains and machines.

Brains develop and change following experience. Using a wide variety of neurobiological data from electrophysiology to in-situ hybridization and RNA sequencing, we quantify how plasticity is implemented in neural tissues.

To teach machines from examples, we develop algorithms to represent complex signals in meaningful way and learn effectively at large scale. We teach our machines to recognize sounds and images in videos, especially in complex scenes and with few samples

Last Updated Date : 13/07/2022