MSc in Neuroscience

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Gain a Graduate Degree in Neuroscience – The Science of the 21st Century

The human brain is comprised of billions of neurons, all connected through complex electric and chemical circuitry, and their joint activity defines every human action and thought.

Understanding how this network operations requires an interdisciplinary approach, combining the expertise from many research domains: Physics, Biology, Computer Science, Engineering, Pharmacology, Linguistics, Psychology, Philosophy and Mathematics.

The Interdisciplinary Brain Research Center at Bar-Ilan University brings together top researchers from these diverse fields under one roof. Our graduate studies programs provide student with interdisciplinary training, emphasizing the research skills required for conducting cutting-edge neuro-scientific research in the 21st century.

Who is the program for?

The graduate program in Neuroscience is open to students who hold a BA/BSc or MA/MSc in one of the following fields:

Neuroscience, Computer Science, Life Sciences, Physics, Psychology, Linguistics, Mathematics, Engineering (candidates from other backgrounds, please contact us for consultation).

Students in the program will be eligible for a waiver on tuition payments, and will receive a stipend allowing them to dedicate their time fully to research. 

Graduate Programs

The center offers two graduate programs:

  • MSc in Neuroscience
  • PhD in Neuroscience (regular or combined track).

Course Plan

The course plan for graduate studies is personalized for each student*, and includes course from the three basic fields of neuroscience: Computation, Physiology and Cognition.

*students who do no start the program with all the required background, will take additional supplementary courses during the first year.

How do I Register?

Registration for Graduate Studies is done on-line through the Bar Ilan University website.

Click here for the registration form

For additional information about registration for the upcoming school year, please contact us