MSc in Brain Sciences

MSc in Brain Sciences

The MSc in Brain Sciences provides comprehensive multidisciplinary training with hands-on research experience in brain studies. The Center offers a wide variety of laboratories that use advanced research technologies and engages in basic brain science, as well as in clinical trials. Graduates of the MSc program in brain sciences are prepared to spearhead research in academia, the industry and in clinical environments. 

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Admission criteria

Minimal average grade requirement - 85

The MSc in brain sciences is open to excelling students with a BSc in the following fields: Brain sciences, life sciences, exact sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering, computer sciences) and cognitive sciences

Candidates with prior studies in other areas are welcome to contact us as well.


The MSc program in brain sciences comprises two main elements: completion of the courses and a thesis work.

Duration: two years.

MSc Program

The MSc program in brain sciences is personally adapted to each student based on their academic background and scientific interests. Students must complete supplementary courses based on their specific academic background, as well as mandatory courses, including at least four core courses.

Preparatory/Supplementary Courses

Students of the MSc program in brain sciences that begin their studies without the required background must take preparatory courses during the first year of their studies, based on their academic background:

Core Courses

Students of the MSc track in brain sciences must take 4 core courses from the courses bellow, at least one course out of the three following modules:

Additional Academic Activities in the MSc Brain Sciences Program

Students of the program must also take part in the following academic activities:

  • Short-term research project of one semester in one of the labs
  • Participation in a department seminar
  • Elective courses - every year, a variety of electives courses is offered by the Center’s researchers, providing an opportunity for students to increase their knowledge and skills in a range of research topics.

Preparation and Submission of a Thesis

Students of the MSc in brain sciences must complete a thesis in one of the research laboratories of the Center for Brain Sciences.


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If you’re interested in the MSc program in brain sciences and would like to receive more information, contact us at

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