MSc in Brain Sciences, Data Science track

MSc in Brain Sciences, Data Science track


Admission Criteria:

The track is open to students that fulfill the admission criteria for MSc in Brain Sciences, and that passed the math exam. In addition, knowledge of programming in Python is a pre-requisite for this program.

Program curriculum:

The program requires to complete 14 credit points.

Mandatory courses:

Machine learning and neural networks for neuroscience

Signal and Data analysis 

Data science and advanced Python concepts workshop for neuroscience

Data Science Applications in Neuroscience

Biological module (pick one):

Neurobiology - Introduction to cellular and systems neurophysiology (for students with no background in brain sciences)

Advanced Neurophysiology

Synaptic Neurochemistry

Cognitive module (pick one):

Brain Imaging of Language Functions

Brain and Cognition Research in the 21 Century

Participation in Brain Science department seminar is mandatory (no credit points)


Elective courses (pick at least 2 credit points from the following courses):

* The list is partial and subject to slight changes by the department

Elective (Brain Sciences)

From curiosity to scientific research

Academic writing in English

Statistics and Statistical Methods in Neuroscience

Research skills for young neuroscientist

Advanced Laboratory in human research

Electives (Data Sciences)

* Participation in some of the courses depends on student's background

Artificial intelligence

Natural language processing

Deep Learning Methods for Texts and Sequences

Signal Processing for Networks

Digital Signal Processing II


Speech Recognition

Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence

Computerized Vision

Big Data processing and analysis

Networks and Complexity in the Real World


Milestones timeline toward the program degree:

You have to pick up a scientific advisor by the end of the first semester of the first year. The thesis topic has to include data science aspects. If the lab you have picked does not specializes in data science you have to collaborate on your project with a faculty member affiliated with Data Science Institute (DSI) at Bar-Ilan University.

You have to participate actively in the Gonda Brain Research Center Young Researchers conference held in February (first year of the program)

Research proposal has to be submitted before the start of the second year of the master program. This requirement has to be fulfilled to continue to receive a stipend.

You have to present the  preliminary results of your research at the Gonda Brain Research Center Young Researchers conference at the second year of the program (poster or short talk)

You have to submit your thesis no later than by the end of the summer semester of the second year of master program

You have to defend your thesis before the start of the third academic year from the start of the program

To continue to the second year of the master program you have to fulfill the following requirements:

At the end of the first year the graduate degree committee examines your achievements and decides on admission to the second year of the program, based on following requirements:

Grade 75 and up in all mandatory courses

Grade average 80 and up


Requirements to continue to doctoral program (combined MSc PhD track) 

Students who are interested to continue for PhD studies could submit an application for the combined track if they fulfill the following requirements:

Grade 80 and up in all courses in MSc program

Average grade of 86 and up in core courses

Acceptance to the combined MSc PhD track is conditioned on recommendation of the scientific advisor and of the graduate degree committee at the Brain Research Center

Students accepted to the combined PhD program have to fulfill the program requirements, including completion of the core courses by the end of the second year.