Double major in Brain Sciences and Psychology (BSc)

Double major in Brain Sciences and Psychology (BSc)

Psychology encompasses everything that makes as human – how we learn new skills, what allows us to communicate and understand others, what motivates us to action. In a last couple of decades, brain research methodologies were introduced into the field of psychology, including neuroimaging (fMRI, MEG, ERP) and neuro-stimulation (TMS, tDCS), as well as precise quantitative behavioral methods (e.g. advanced eye tracking, hormonal levels monitoring) and their use became extensive and increasingly indispensable. This interdisciplinary crosstalk has led to an emergence of a new field of cognitive neuroscience that investigates the brain mechanisms underlying cognitive processes and creating a phenomenon of human mind.

Double major in Brain Sciences and Psychology offers knowledge in a broad range of domains together exploring the biological bases of cognition and behavior. We believe that deep understanding of the principal brain mechanisms on the structural as well as cellular and system function levels together with solid basis in behavioral paradigms are crucial for conducting research on the intersection of cognition and brain. Double major program in Brain Sciences and Psychology aims to train interdisciplinary scientists, seeking to answer complex research questions using broad spectrum of advanced methodologies. The program puts an emphasis on high standard quantitative research, including courses in math, physics, programming and advanced lab with a goal of creating and fostering interdisciplinary bridges between the brain and cognitive sciences rooted in research measurements and scientific evidence.

Double major in Brain Sciences and Psychology program curriculum

The curriculum combines introductory and compulsory courses in brain sciences (biology, physics, linear algebra, cellular neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, genetics etc) with core courses in psychology (introduction to psychology, statistics and research methodologies, social psychology, learning, cognition etc). Students take part in research conducted in the Gonda Brain Research Center labs during the second and third years of the program.

The curriculum integrates hands-on experience in labs and practicums in brain sciences and psychology. The program also includes seminars and advanced elective courses in both fields, which provide deep research insights and teach critical thinking skills while exposing the students to recent advances and publications in the field of cognitive neuroscience.

 Syllabus (Hebrew)