General Information

Understanding how the brain works is probably the greatest unsolved scientific puzzle of the 21st century. The key issues relate to the ways in which we organize information provided by the senses into a coherent perception, how we respond with motor actions and function successfully in this world, how we learn and store information, the mechanisms that create and regulate our feelings and desires, and how we are able to understand and use language. A great deal is known about these subjects, but very little about the brain mechanisms involved.

The Multidisciplinary Gonda Brain Research Center and its teaching program in brain sciences have been set up for fulfilling this purpose.

The aim of this program is to train the next generation of researchers in brain sciences to carry out multi-disciplinary research.

General information about the program and available tracks:

The Gonda Center for Multidisciplinary Brain Research at Bar-Ilan University offers programs of study toward master of science and doctoral degree in brain sciences. The program is geared for a selected group of outstanding students. They receive education in all areas connected with brain research and then carry out research work culminating in an M.Sc. or a Ph.D. degree. Varied options allow the students to specialize in different areas. The program encourages multidisciplinary discussions and exchanges between the students and the teachers. Outstanding candidates with B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees are accepted to the program. Students receive scholarships, enabling them to devote themselves full time to their studies and research. The students' thesis research will be conducted under the supervision of one (or more) of the Gonda faculty members.


Understanding of these mechanisms can only be acquired through research associating a broad range of fields including: Brain sciences, life sciences, exact sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering, computer sciences) and cognitive sciences.

Minimal average grade requirement:

Msc- 85

PhD - 90

(in 1- 100 Israeli grade system)

1. M.Sc. track

2. Ph.D. track

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