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Brain experiments imply adaptation mechanisms which outperform common AI learning algorithms
Shira Sardi, Roni Vardi, Yuval Meir, Yael Tugendhaft, Shiri Hodassman, Amir Goldental & Ido Kanter , Nature - Scientific Reports,
Visual self-motion cues are impaired yet overweighted during visual–vestibular integration in Parkinson’s diseas
Sol Yakubovich, Simon Israeli-Korn, Orly Halperin, Gilad Yahalom, Sharon Hassin-Baer, Adam Zaidel, Brain Communications,
Self‐motion perception in Parkinson's disease
Orly Halperin Simon Israeli‐Korn Sol Yakubovich Sharon Hassin‐Baer Adam Zaidel, European Journal of Neuroscience,
Overarching States of Mind
Noa Herz, Shira Baror, and Moshe Bar,, CellPress,
The contribution of temporal coding to odor coding and odor perception in humans
Ofer Perl, Nahum Nahum, Katya Belelovsky, Rafi Haddad, eLife Magazine,