Double major in Brain and Computer Sciences (BSc)

Double major in Brain and Computer Sciences (BSc)

Multiple challenges in 21st century brain research require advanced methodologies from the fields of computational and data sciences, e.g. to differentiate between healthy and abnormal brain activity patterns, to decipher neuronal code, and to analyze and extract responses to a complex stimuli such as video, speech or a song at various levels of stimulus processing pathway.

In the last years AI algorithms, neuronal networks and deep learning have led computer scientists to a breakthrough discoveries that had changed the world of technology we are living in, from speech (Siri, Alexa) and image recognition software, semantic search, to an autonomous driving systems in complex dynamic environments.

Double major in Brain and Computer Sciences develops deep understanding and provides theoretical and practical knowledge in both areas, promoting cross-fertilization between the fields, leading to development of computational tools inspired and based on neuronal computation and important advances in neuroscience.

Double major in Brain and Computer Sciences program curriculum

The curriculum combines introductory and compulsory courses in brain sciences (biology, physics, chemistry, cellular neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, cognitive neuropsychology etc) with core theoretical and practical courses in computer sciences (discrete mathematics, data structure, programming and algorithms, artificial intelligence etc). The students integrate into research groups in brain and computer sciences labs in their second and third years in the program. The program combines hands-on experience in brain research labs and an applied project in computer sciences. The program also includes seminar and advanced courses in brain sciences (neuronal networks, computational approaches), which provide deep research insights and teach critical thinking skills while exposing the students to recent advances and publications in the field of computational neuroscience.

 Syllabus (Hebrew)