Double major in Brain Sciences and Philosophy (BSc)

Double major in Brain Sciences and Philosophy (BSc)

Philosophical approaches to brain sciences and human mind study the relation between the body, biological system, and the mind, our consciousness. Can all our sensations, feelings and experiences be reduced to neuronal activity patterns in the human brain?

Philosophical perspective approaches such questions using logical and theoretical tools. While experimental brain sciences offer different kind of approach, in which scientific hypotheses are translated into experimental questions and measures, and the conclusions are drawn from the statistical analysis of the experimental data. Insights from the field of philosophy and principles of critical thinking hone theoretical and empirical questions of perception of self and other, theories of consciousness, semantics and formal thinking.

The premise at the base of this program is that more penetrating and discerning thinking grounded in philosophical theoretical motivation creates better science, especially in areas studying brain bases of consciousness, perception and meaning. Double major in Brain Sciences and Philosophy equips the students with broad basis and research depth in both of the fields while allowing synergy between the disciplines.

Double major in Brain Sciences and Philosophy program curriculum

The curriculum combines introductory and compulsory courses in brain sciences (calculus, statistics, physics, chemistry, cellular neurophysiology, neuroanatomy etc) with introductory and advanced courses in philosophy (logics, critical thinking, the body and the mind, epistemology, philosophy of science etc).The students integrate into research groups and labs already during their second year in the program. The curriculum integrates hands-on experience in brain research labs. Elective and seminar courses in philosophy and brain sciences complete the program and provide deep research insights and critical thinking skills while exposing the students to recent advances and publications in both fields.

Graduate studies options for students graduating with Double major in Brain Sciences and Philosophy

Double major in Brain Sciences and Philosophy allows to continue studies toward advanced degrees in Brain Sciences and Philosophy.

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