Undergraduate Studies

Established in 1998, the Interdisciplinary Program in Brain Sciences at Bar Ilan University is the first undergraduate neuroscience program in Israel.

This unique program provides students with comprehensive and multidisciplinary knowledge in life sciences and behavioral sciences, computer sciences, physics, chemistry, psychology, and cognitive sciences, as well as basic and advanced courses in brain sciences.

The Human Brain

Until recently, the human brain was considered a mystery, despite the fact that its importance has been known for thousands of years. As knowledge and research advance, neuroscientists are discovering how the brain impacts human behavior, thoughts, learning, concepts, dreams, memories, feelings and function.

As the most important organ of our nervous system, the brain is all powerful. It receives inputs from the senses, runs complex computations, and controls human behavior. It is extremely important because it helps human beings adjust, adapt and respond to their environment, even if the environment is constantly changing or is foreign. The brain is a fascinating, complex organ, that effectively reigns over all aspects of human life.

Why Study Brain Sciences at Bar-Ilan University?

Because our programs give students a prestigious, sought-after academic degree. Our programs in brain sciences offer the highest academic levels, and are taught by a select, leading team of subject matter experts, researchers, lecturers and academic staff. 


The undergraduate program in brain sciences offers two tracks:

  • Extended track - enables students to acquire in-depth knowledge in brain sciences while specializing in biology (biological specialization track) or psychology (behavioral specialization track).
  • Structured double-major track – enables students to obtain a double major in brain sciences together with computer sciences, physics, psychology, linguistics, philosophy or life sciences.


  • Minimum average score of 72 (combined over matriculation and psychometric scores)
  • High-school mathematics at 4-5 unit levels
  • Minimum score of 320 in mathematics score X math units in high school (Bagrut)

Interested in applying?

Contact us to obtain more details about our exciting programs in Brain Sciences. Click here to leave your details, or call Mrs. Orit Rubinstein, Coordinator of the Undergraduate Degree in Brain Sciences, Tel.: +972-3-5317795, brain.science@biu.ac.il.