Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Studies in Brain Science (Neuroscience)


The brain is a powerful organ within the human body, and the principal organ in the nervous system. The importance of the brain was known to humankind for thousands of years, but the organ itself was a mystery until recent years. As knowledge and the research progress, it reveals more of how the brain affects behavior, thought, learning, perception, dreams, memory, functioning and human emotions.


Advantages of the Brain Studies program at Bar-Ilan University

Studies at the Brain Science program at Bar-Ilan University (BIU) are grounded in the multi-disciplinary approach acquiring a basis in: life-sciences, psychology, linguistics, computer science, physics, chemistry, mathematics and philosophy, alongside specialized and in-depth brain studies courses.


  • A BSc degree from The Brain Studies program at BIU gives students a prestigious, sought-after academic degree.
  • The Interdisciplinary Brain Science program at BIU was the first such program in the country, and is the longest running.
  • The Academic excellence in the BSc program is high, and the faculty is among the leading in the field.
  • Our educational scope is broad, and includes the possibility for excellent students to complete both a bachelor's and master's degree within 4 years.
  • Our graduates find their place in leading companies and data heavy industries.
  • Our graduates continue to do research in leading research institutions in Israel and around the world.
  • We pride ourselves in the personal attention and warm atmosphere our students experience in our program



Prospective students who did not do high school studies in Israel, can reach out to the Department of Olim, which is housed in the Dean of Students office. They can help with the admissions process, and all other issued regarding being a foreign student at BIU.


Department of Olim


The BSc program in Brain Science

In order to receive a BSc in Brain Science, students must complete 76 annual hours of study.

During the 1st year, students take many introductory courses in many science fields, alongside all of the students in the program.

At the beginning of the 2nd year, students in the single-major track choose a specialty: behavioral science or biology.


Study tracks in the BSc program

The undergraduate program in brain sciences offers two tracks:

  • Extended track - enables students to acquire in-depth knowledge in brain sciences while specializing in biology (biological specialization track) or psychology (behavioral specialization track).

  • Structured double-major track – enables students to obtain a double major in brain sciences together with either computer sciences, physics, psychology, linguistics, philosophy or life sciences.


Details of the course of study of the Brain Studies Undergraduate Program:


First Year Mandatory Courses: Selected topics in Brain Studies, General Biology, Cell Biology, Intro to Statistics, Intro to Psychology, Intro to Python Programing, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, Math.


Second Year Mandatory Courses: Cellular Neurophysiology, Systems Neurophysiology, Techniques in Experimental Psychology, Experimental Lab, Life Sciences Lab, Cognitive Psychology, Neuroanatomy, General Genetics, Systems physiology.


Third Year Mandatory Courses: Computational Approaches for Understanding the Brain, Artificial Neural Networks, Cognitive Neuropsychology, Psychobiology, Lab in Neurobiology, Scientific Seminar, Research Project for Brain Science.


Track Options:


Extended track | Biological or Behavioral specialization

Structured double-major track – Computer Sciences

Structured double-major track – Physics

Structured double-major track – English Linguistics

Structured double-major track – Psychology

Structured double-major track – Philosophy

Structured double-major track – Life Sciences


Please feel free to contact us:

Dr. Einav Sudai

Brain Science BSc Coordinator


Phone number: 03-5317795