MSc in Brain and Data Science at the University of Lisbon

 Joint international MSc program in Brain Sciences, Data Science track

Bar-Ilan University and the University of Lisbon


The multidisciplinary brain research center is pleased to announce the approval of a unique international master's program in collaboration with the Lisbon Institute of Technology (University of Lisbon), a leading university in Europe.


A joint degree is a great way to join forces and offer students the best possible education in their field of interest, and we are delighted to partner with the Lisbon Institute of Technology in this exciting new venture. The program exposes the students to a variety of new ideas, scientific paradigms, new ways of research and science and to experts in the field that they did not have in just one university. Students spend their first year in the master’s program at their home university and the second year at the partner university. Any student enrolled for this bilateral degree at one of the universities will be able to participate in the program. The degree is taught entirely in English.


The program focuses on combining neuroscience and data science. The study topics include advanced courses in these fields in both Bar-Ilan and Lisbon. In Bar-Ilan the emphasis is on topics of brain research and in Lisbon on topics in biological engineering. In both institutions, students will specialize in understanding and deciphering signals from the nervous system.


Admissions criteria:

The program is multidisciplinary and accepts applicants according to the same admission requirements as for a Master's degree at the Brain Research Center. The Multidisciplinary Center for Brain Research accepts applications from all the natural sciences, psychology and more. Acceptance will depend on the students' success in their first-year courses.

Program Structure for Students from Bar-Ilan University:

First year curriculum at Bar-Ilan University:

Mandatory courses:

Machine learning and neural networks for neuroscience

Signal and Data analysis 

Data Science seminar

Data Science Applications in Neuroscience

Biological module (pick one):

Neurobiology - Advanced topics in Systems’ Neurophysiology (for students with no background in brain sciences)

Advanced Neurophysiology

Synaptic Neurochemistry

Cognitive module (pick one):

Brain Imaging of Language Functions

Brain and Cognition Research in the 21 Century

Participation in Brain Science department seminar is mandatory (no credit points)


Second year curriculum at University of Lisbon:

Work on research thesis

Elective courses 



Program Structure for Students from University of Lisbon:

First year curriculum at University of Lisbon:

mandatory courses in Master in Biomedical Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon


Second year at Bar-Ilan University:

Work on research thesis

Elective courses -student picks from the program curriculum



 contact info.: