Prof. Avi Goldstein

Head of Research Lab
Research Fields
Research Methods

Emotion, Motivation, Synchrony

  • Neural correlates of vicarious pain perception
  • Facial expression processing in social anxiety
  • Brain responses to death related stimuli and mortality salience
  • Brain responses to visual food cues and their regulation
  • Speaker charisma and synchrony
  • Social synchrony and neural osciallations

Cognitive Processes

  • Neuronal gateways to concious word perception
  • Predictive coding in music perception
  • Action observation networks

Clinical Populations

  • Attentional processing in schizophrenia
  • Language comprehension in thought disorder and schizophrenia
  • Brain oscillations in schizophrenic syndromes
  • MEG indices of PTSD
  • Vicarioius pain in fibromyalgia
  • Social perception in autism


  • MEG correlates of hypnotic induction
  • Brain activity and cognitive changes induced by meditation


Last Updated Date : 24/08/2022