Visual system in the human brain

Our lab investigates how human visual system function and organization enable us to understand, perceive, and function in the dynamic world around us. To that end we investigate high-level visual functions (face, shape, and place perception, biological motion, attention, visual memory) in different parts of the visual field and not only in the centeral part as is typically the case. On top of in-the-lab investigations we also study natural "in-the-wild" vision outside the lab in real world settings and this is done via behavioral and psychophysical measurements, advanced eye tracking equipment (also allowing in-the-wild tracking), neuroimaging (fMRI and MRI), with computational approaches in light of neurofunctional models we have developed. Our research is done in healthy (neurotypical) vision and in impaired high-level vision (as "face blindness" (prosopagnosia) or visual agnosia), developmental or acquired.  

Research Fields

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Last Updated Date : 09/06/2022