Brain and Cognition Research in the 21st Century

 Brain and Cognition Research in the 21st Century                

Course number: 27-613-01


Lecturer: Dr. Vadim Axelrod

Hours: 2 h/w – 1 credit points

Second semester


a. Course goals

The course will provide students with theoretical knowledge on advanced topics in brain and cognition research (Cognitive Neuroscience)


  1. Course content:

The course is given in English. The course include a series of frontal lectures on the following topics:


    • History of Cognitive Neuroscience
    • Research methods in cognitive neuroscience
    • Examples of the principles of localization in the brain
    • Domain-specific vs. domain-general processing
    • Challenges in interpreting localization in the brain
    • Hierarchical processing principle
    • Feedback processing principle
    • Face processing
    • Internal processing and the Default Mode Network
    • Spontaneous activity and brain networks


  1. Course requirements


Prerequisites: none


Requirements: To pass the final exam


Final grade: 100% final exam (the exam is in English)