Brain Imaging of Language Functions

Brain Imaging of Language Functions

Course number: 27-503-01

Lecturer: Prof. Michal Ben-Shachar

First Semester

Hours: 4 h/w – 2 credit points


Class requirements:

  • Attendance (over 80% attendance required)
  • Active attendance (read and discuss papers) AND class presentation (20% of final grade).
  • Final exam (exam material includes the contents of the lectures and final list of required reading; 80% of final grade).



Day 1

Day 2

Required reading



Cognitive neuropsychology, Modularity

  • Pinker, 1991
  • Small & Hickok, NBoL Ch1


Stroke Aphasia

Primary Progressive Aphasia

  • Dronkers et al., 2004
  • Henseler et al., 2014
  • Forster 1999



Lexical representation and lexical access

  • Mesulam et al., 2021
  • Baldo et al., 2018
  • Andrews et al., 2022
  • Thompson et al., 2015
  • Davis, NBoL Ch44*


Class presentations

Class presentations

  • Mesulam et al., 2015
  • Matchin et al., 2022
  • Pinker and Ullman, 2002
  • Leminen et al., 2018*



Class presentations

  • Bozic et al., 2013
  • Carota et al., 2016




  • Shapiro, 1997*
  • Sprouse & Hornstein, Ch14*


fMRI of morphological processing

Class presentations

  • Hauser, Chomsky & Fitch 2002*
  • Altmann, 1998


Online sentence processing

fMRI of syntactic processing

  • Matchin et al., 2017
  • Wilson et al., 2018


ERP of sentence processing

Class presentations


  • Hahne and Friederici, 1999
  • Cohen and Dehaene 2011
  • Price and Devlin 2011



fMRI of reading

  • Glezer et al., 2015
  • Schuster et al., 2021


Class presentations

Class presentations

  • Lerma-Usabiaga et al., 2018
  • Bouhali et al., 2019


Diffusion MRI

dMRI of reading pathways

  • Frey et al., 2008
  • Floel et al., 2009


Class presentations

Wrap up and overflow

  • Ben-Shachar et al, 2007
  • Hickok and Poeppel, Ch25




* - Recommended reading, beyond the scope


Papers for class presentation:

  • Andrews JP, Cahn N, Speidel BA, Chung JE, Levy DF, Wilson SM, Berger MS, Chang EF. Dissociation of Broca's area from Broca's aphasia in patients undergoing neurosurgical resections. J Neurosurg. 2022 Aug 5:1-11.
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Supporting papers and reviews (not for student presentations):

  • Neurobiology of language, Book, Editors: Hickok and Small, Chapters 1, 13, 14, 25, 29, 44*.
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* Beyond the scope