Recent Publications

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Mapping Images to Scene Graphs with Permutation-Invariant Structured Prediction

Roei Herzig, Moshiko Raboh, Gal Chechik, Jonathan Berant & Amir Globerson, Neural Information processing systems (NIPS), Arxiv 1802.05451 (2018).

Probabilistic AND-OR attribute grouping for Zero-shot learning

Yuval Atzmon & Gal Chechik, Uncertainty in Artifical intelligence (UAI 2018), Arxiv 1806.02664 (2018).

Structural properties of the ventral reading pathways are associated with morphological processing in adult English readers

Maya Yablonski, Kathleen Rastle, J.S.H.Taylor & Michal Ben-Shachar, Cortex (2018).

White matter properties associated with pre‐reading skills in 6‐year‐old children born preterm and at term

Cory K Dodson, Katherine E Travis, Lauren R Borchers, Virginia A Marchman, Michal Ben‐Shachar & Heidi M Feldman, Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology 60 (7), P. 695-702 (2018).

White matter pathways in persistent developmental stuttering: Lessons from tractography

Vered Kronfeld-Duenias, Oren Civier, Ofer Amir, Ruth Ezrati-Vinacour & Michal Ben-Shachar, Journal of Fluency Disorders 55, P. 68-83 (2018).

Stationary log-normal distribution of weights stems from spontaneous ordering in adaptive node networks

Herut Uzan, Shira Sardi, Amir Goldental, Roni Vardi & Ido Kanter, Scientific Reports 8, Article number: 13091 (2018).

Less might be more: Conduction failure as a factor possibly limiting the efficacy of higher frequencies in rTMS protocols

Islam Halawa, Amir Goldental, Yuichiro Shirota, Ido Kanter & Walter Paulus, Frontiers in Neuroscience 12, P. 358 (2018).

Adaptive nodes enrich nonlinear cooperative learning beyond traditional adaptation by links

Shira Sardi, Roni Vardi, Amir Goldental, Anton Sheinin, Herut Uzan & Ido Kanter, Scientific Reports 8, Article number: 5100 (2018).

Prediction is Production: The missing link between language production and comprehension

Clara D. Martin, Francesca M. Branzi & Moshe Bar, Scientific Reports 8, Article number: 1079 (2018).

Imaging the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Cognitive Processes at High Temporal Resolution

I. Tal & M. Abeles Neural Computation 0, Pages 1-21 (2018).

White matter pathways in persistent developmental stuttering: Lessons from tractography

V. Kronfeld-Duenias, O. Civier, O. Amir, R. Ezrati-Vinacour & M. Ben-Shachar Journal of Fluency Disorders (2017).