Advanced topics in Systems’ Neurophysiology

Advanced topics in Systems’ Neurophysiology

Course number: 27-5023

Lecturer:  Prof. Rafi Haddad, Dr. Dana Cohen

Semester: 2

Hours: 4 h/w – 2 credit points




Course goals


The goal of the course is to discuss concurrent research topics in systems’ neurophysiology. The course covers a variety of relevant topics published in recent years.

Course topics

 The selected topics may vary depending on the lecturers’ preference. Past topics: Brain machine interface, the basal ganglia, the cerebellum, the dopaminergic system, learning and memory, sleep and memory, the hemodynamic and intrinsic signals with respect to neuronal activity, the neural code, visual attention, visual prostheses, brain oscillations, inhibition.

Course requirements

Each student is expected to present 2-3 papers on the selected topics.

Final grade

50% on the student’s presentations

50% exam